omega replica watch

Hey guys it's me again was just wondering if the omega replica watch was going to come by DHL shipping or some other means of shipping if you have a tracking number and you could send it to me and tell me who the carrier is I would greatly appreciate it also I was wondering if the 12th is the day I should be expecting the omega replica watch. This is the same as you sent the last time, it's just a generic instruction and there aren't even subdials on this the omega replica watch. The minute hand does not move when you try any of these. It's stuck at the 50 min position and won't move no matter what is tried. I'm happy to send this omega replica watch back to get a replacement, can you please send a working one and I will return the faulty omega replica please Watch arrived this week, however, this is the second faulty watch I have been sent now. When setting the time, the minute hand only mobesbetween 40-50 on the minutes although the hour hand does move, this means that the time cannot be set. Can I send this back and get a replacement? Repaired? Why do I have to be inconvenienced by this? Again I have been sent a defective product and am being asked to try and fix the problem: also, watch shops in the omega replica watch UK will destroy omega replica watches if they are brought to their stores. I would appreciate you finding a solution to this problem as I have now received 2 faulty products from you and this is not acceptable . I have said I am happy to replace the omega replica watch and have you send me a working replacement.