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Omega replica watches has launched a new IWC replica communications campaign through which the brand aims to reveal its true essence via visuals inspired by individuals in sync with its own values. The campaign is a reflection of its desire to connect with an audience of men and women brought together by a certain art of living and united by a passion for beauty. The ‘Open a Whole New World’ advertising campaign has a cinematographic feel with a soft amber glow in each image. 

Name:  Eduardo Novillo Astrada, Open a whole new world.jpg
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The three subjects chosen for the campaign could hardly be more different from one another.Images feature Argentine polo player Eduardo Novillo Astrada leading his horse out into the cool shade of the stable after a match.

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Carmen Chaplin Omega replica watches online store a silent movie, perhaps starring her grandfather Charlie Chaplin. She is surrounded by film equipment of the pre-talkies era and lit by the hazy light of studio spotlights.

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Dr. Craig Venter, the American scientist who created the first cell with a synthetic genome, in his study, lost in thought.

The photography for the campaign was undertaken by American photographer Kurt Iswarienko, noted for his portrait work. He spent many years as a Omega replica uk lighting cameraman on films sets, hence the filmic quality to the portraits.