Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Tourbillon Volant Squelette

World Premiere Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon with gem-set rubber bezel

Technical, sporty rubber and ‘forever’ precious diamonds.While these two materials cheap Omega replica watches might justifiably be considered worlds apart in some respects, they have occasionally been used conjointly on timepieces, such as with a rubber bezel framing a diamond-set dial or other variations.

However, the sheer physical difficulties implied in actually setting the gems on an elastic material such as rubber meant that this had never yet been succes­sfully attempted until now with this astonishing model that thrives on uniting polar opposites.

The black-treated RD505SQ movement, the DLC-coated titanium case and flange provide a perfect total-black backdrop on which to ‘paint’ the rubber bezel with a stunning line­up of 60 baguettecut diamonds totalling approximately 2 carats.

On this exclusive 88-piece limited edition, the precious stones are actually set into the rubber moulding over the metal bezel, calling for perfect mastery of the exact thickness and a technique based on plastic deformation. Two years of research, undertaken by the renowned Geneva-based gem-setting specia­list Pascal Vincent Vaucher, were devoted to this astonishing technical feat and a “Soft Stones in the Sky” patent has been duly registered to protect this groundbreaking development.

Only a brand such as Roger Dubuis (driven by a spirit of technical sophistication combined with a relentless will to explore unconventional expressions of expertise) could have provided such an ideal framework in which to introduce such a stunning technical and aesthetic breakthrough.

The result is a feat of cutting-edge technology and sublime stone-setting that proved unbelievably complex to achieve and Rolex replica watches uk  yet produces a simply dazzling visual result.