Start your own Omega replica watches UK company today

There are several brave and determined Watchuseek members who have taken the massive effort required to start their own watch company, but while it’s true that the world probably doesn’t need another fake Omega watches uk brand, it’s a racing certainty that, with greater or lesser success, many more will come along. 

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If ever you have been tempted to tell your boss to take his job and shove it and see your brand or logo on a watch, or better still, an entire collection of watches, there are several Chinese watch manufacturers who would be only too happy to help, in fact they might even write your resignation letter if you ask them nicely. Gone are the days when you had to figure everything out on your own.

Harvest-Living Industry Co. Ltd is one of the many Chinese watch manufacturers ready to get you started in the potentially lucrative best Omega replica watches business. Based in Xiamen City in Southern China, in their own words they proudly declare:

We specialize in manufacturing numerous models of high quality Silicone Watches, Ceramic Watches, Stainless steel Watches, Wooden watches, Alloy watches, Sport watches, Carbon fiber watches, etc. We will do our best for you all the time.

Their mission statement is equally ambitious and unambiguous:

Harvest Living Industry Co. Ltd is committed to becoming the most respected and sought after watch company in China.

So if you know all about MOQ’s (Minimun Order Quantity), OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM’s, (Original Design Manufacturer) you could start up your own watch business the moment you wire your money off to China via Western Union. Just supply your brand name or logo, send the dough and they will do the rest. 45 days later your Rolex replica watches uk (usually a minimum order of 500) will arrive, shiny and new and ready to be posted on Ebay or hard sold at your next garage sale/tupperware party.

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You could opt for a Japanese quartz movement or a Chinese quartz movement, or if your watch must be mechanical, you can have a Japanese or Chinese automatic movement. You can choose from 304 or 316L stainless steel in a variety of fancy finishes. In fact you can choose just about everything you want because Harvest-Living manufacture every component of the watches with no farming out to costly and time consuming Swiss ateliers for specialist help.

If you’re looking to get into the smart Omega replica watches industry, no problem, an LED Apple Watch lookalike is just waiting for your logo to be added.

And as for any worries about a language barrier, relax, these lovely ladies are anxiously waiting for your call or email. When it comes to price, of course everything is negotiable, that is all part of the fun. Whatever you do, do not pay the Bai Tou price (literal translation: white head).

So there you go, career move solved, it’s really that simple. Well almost.