That Is A Greatest Deception For Humans Landing On The Moon? Then How Do The Wonderful UK Replica Omega Watches Come?

“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”, believed that everyone know that was said by Armstrong when he stepping on the moon which had recorded the great achievement for human space exploration.

In 1969 to 1972, NASA took an experimental land on the Moon, although there is no any scientists or spaceflight historians question the success of the landing for Apollo, but radical theorists pointed that the picture of the flag is waving on the moon which without any atmosphere and other evidence all proved that American astronaut had never been to the moon. But if the landing is a blockbuster scam?
How do the Omega moon watches come?

These watches that had been called as the moon watches are just the replica Omega Speedmaster watches, which had been participated in the mission to the moon for six times, until 1972, the wonderful fake Omega watches witnessed the last landing of Apollo 17, becoming the last watches that landing on the moon so far.

Till now, the fake Omega Speedmaster watch is still the only watch that land on the moon, and also is the specified chronograph watch for NASA. The black dial fake Omega Speedmaster watches played an important role in the history of exploring the Moon for human beings.

So let’s go back to the topic, “Is that a greatest deception for humans landing on the moon?”Of course not, do not talk a lot, believed that Omega can not afford so much money for NASA to advertise in this “fraud”, so seeing from this aspect, the conspiracy theories can not be supported.