The supporting roles of James Bond replica Omega watches

Latest Omega Replica Spectre for sale-The latest James Bond movie, Spectre, is different to its predecessors: it puts Omega replica uk on a par with Rolex as the most frequently worn 007 watch. Between the two, a wealth of interim brands enjoyed screen time without managing to win James’ favor.

James_Bond_watchesIt’s become something of a generation gap. For the over 40s, James Bond is synonymous with Rolex. But for younger fans, 007 is inseparable from Omega. So who’s right, and who’s wrong? For the first time in the history of the famous secret agent, the answer is no one! Spectre, the latest Bond blockbuster, takes the number of films featuring an Omega up to eight, which is exactly the same as Rolex. The Swatch Group soothsayers are keen to see this as proof that Omega is finally on a par with Rolex!

An American in the ring

In this clash of the titans, several brands have attempted to work their way into The Queen of England’s circle of glory. Without much success, on the whole. And for good reason—some of them have simply disappeared from the fake Rolex watchmaking scene.

James_Bond_watches_1Gruen is one such example. The unlucky little American brand battled it out for almost a decade, from the first Bond movie, Dr. No, in 1962, until Diamonds Are Forever in 1971. The brand was chosen in pre-production for two reasons: its 510 watch with small seconds looked good on screen and—most importantly for a producer—it was affordable and could thus be replaced at minimal cost! The watch survived eight movies, until it was ousted by Rolex. All this belongs to Bond (pre)history, when watches were selected for what they offered rather than for who produced them.

Two cameos by Breitling and Hamilton

In 1965, Breitling replica watches sale made its only cameo appearance in 50 years when its Top Time graced the wrist of Sean Connery in Thunderball. The timepiece was only in production for 10 years (1960-1969) and was intended as an entry-level watch, more affordable than the already established Navitimer model. Half a century later, and nothing much has changed: it’s still one of today’s lowest-priced vintage Breitlings.

James_Bond_watches_2Another Bond watch cameo came from Hamilton, whose one and only 007 timepiece, the Pulsar, caused quite a stir. Why? Because it was the first quartz watch with digital display to ever feature in a Bond movie, and because it was the first time Roger Moore took on the role of the secret agent. Production of the timepiece began in 1970 with a gold-plated version at $1,500 and continued until 1978, when Seiko acquired the Pulsar name. They still own it today, which is why, when Hamilton reissued a tribute to the original piece, it was named “Pulsomatic” rather than “Pulsar”.

The Seiko offensive

The arrival of quartz meant that Seiko was destined to become an official purveyor to Mr. Bond, slipping neatly in between the end of the Rolex era (The Man with the Golden Gun) and the start of the Omega empire (Goldeneye, worn by Pierce Brosnan in 1995).

The Japanese company held the top spot for almost 10 years, taking full advantage of its technological head-start in miniature electronics to equip Roger Moore with a telex watch followed by a ticker-tape watch. Neither was released for sale, but no matter: the gadget watch modified by Q was at its zenith. Thirsty for more screen time, Seiko didn’t stop there and even managed to place a few diving Omega Replica Spectre watches to rival the Submariners of the time.

James_Bond_watches_3A little known fact is that TAG Heuer also managed to sneak onto Bond’s wrist using the same approach: two diving replica watches, one Professional Night-Diver and one Professional 200 Meters, surreptitiously placed in The Living Daylights. Given their current form, this constitutes a highly unusual undersea assignment for TAG Heuer.